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Special Medical Needs

If your child has any allergies, illnesses, or other issues (including medications they are taking at home) that either Sycamore staff, teachers, or emergency medical professionals would need to know on a daily basis or in the event of an emergency, it is the parents' responsibility to tell the school prior to your child's attendance.

Health Office

Sycamore health office is open during school hours.   If your child has any medical needs that we need to accommodate for, please speak with Mrs. Habashy, health technician.

Sick Child Policy

Please do not send your child to school if they are running a fever, are experiencing active gastrointestinal symptoms, have a deep or productive cough, a contagious illness, oozing wounds or rashes, or are not feeling well enough to participate in daily activities. Students must be fever free without medication for 24 hours before they can return to school.